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    Introduction to Haino

    Haino was created by chain travel giant aixe infinity, Singapore's Fund Investment Agency, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a consortium of 10 gamefi developers and 100 communities around the world. NFT.gamefi's large blockchain ecosystem, with a total market capitalization of trillions!

    Token issuance

    Platform token is HE

    Total : 1 trillion


    Technology development:2%

    Private placement:4%


    Public offering:4%

    Liquidity pool:30%

    HE is a value token circulating in the Haio ecosystem. It has a wide range of application scenarios and continues to expand including storage cloud platforms, game distribution platforms, game prop trading platforms, NFT prop asset exchanges, advertising platforms, meta universe mining and incubators. Multi-ecology, providing complete game solutions for players, miners, R&D, channel providers, etc.


    Six ecological advantages


    Advantages of game resources

    Haino combines multiple game resources and elements in different ways, divides and integrates business formats, reconstructs game networks, builds information systems, summarizes experience, and improves processes.


    Regional advantages

    As an open meta-universe game platform, Haino has attracted the integration of multiple game studios, and the rise of the play-and-earning mode can quickly attract traffic. There are already many community studios in cooperation.


    Service advantages

    We have many years of marketing experience and operational experience, and we continue to deepen the market, and we are committed to bringing the best and highest quality products to the market.


    Team advantage

    Based on the multi-directional integration of business circles such as the game industry chain IP shaping, fan economy, online and offline exchange circles, etc., a new business model that integrates multiple formats will be established.


    Investment research advantages

    Own investment and research department, technology development and maintenance departments, quickly capture the most cutting-edge information of chain games, develop scripts in the first time; provide users with cutting-edge chain game information and leading services.


    Technical advantages

    The Haino technical team establishes its own complete ecosystem through cross-chain technology, introduces a variety of game types, and simulates business operations.

    Five major token functions



    Haino (ruler) will adopt a destruction plan and destroy them according to a specific destruction mechanism, up to 500 billion.



    In games or other ecosystems released or supported by Haio (ruler), users who hold Haio (ruler) tokens can synthesize NFT assets according to their own rules and obtain long-tail revenue from the synthesized NFT assets.



    Users who hold Haino (ruler) tokens can obtain additional staking income, which can be obtained by staking in various games released or supported by Haino (ruler) or other ecosystems.


    To pay

    Players can use Haino to make various in-game payments.



    Haino (ruler) will implement the conventional DAO governance mechanism, allowing Haino (ruler) holders to obtain voting rights by collateralizing their tokens in designated products.

    How to buy HE?

    create a walleticonicon

    On Google Chrome, visit Metamask.io to download the extension and set up the wallet. Android and IOS users can download the Trust Wallet application on their mobile phones.

    Send BNB&USDT to your BSC wallet

    Buy $BNB from Binance Exchange and transfer to your BSC wallet address.

    Change BNB&USDT to HE

    Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, find PancakeSwap V2, click "Choose Currency", enter the contract address in the search bar, and you can find HE.


    Route planning

    iconRuler goes online to open global private equity.

    iconOpen global public offering

    iconHaino (ruler) is officially launched on Binance Pancake

    iconOpen the pre-sale Nft card

    iconOpen (Haino estate) (ruler estate) closed beta

    iconHaio estate (ruler estate) officially launched

    Star Trek Friends


    common problem

    What is HE?

    HE is the ecological token of Haio's decentralized game platform, which is circulated to combine games and NFTs to create a free play-and-earn ecosystem. Haino's ecology includes decentralized games, NFT and GameFi. In Haio, all revenue from the game will be truly open and transparent with the support of blockchain technology, and will be reflected in the platform token HE.

    Can Haino operate successfully?

    Haino has advanced technology architecture, users are prone to fission, radar model is novel and scientific, adopts distributed community governance model, and the token economic model has been successfully verified by a large number of markets.

    What is the value of Haino?

    In this industry wave, Haio (ruler) will provide users with a full range of services based on the global layout and the principle of user first, and continue to update Metaverse's high-quality games with asset flow value. Continuously explore the advanced value of "blockchain + meta universe + game", and bring users a super value gaming experience.

    Is Haino suitable for investment now?

    In April 2021, under the leadership of the US Goldman Sachs Group, many investment institutions have entered the game. The situation is good. Now it is the golden age of investing in Haio.

    How to earn income through HE?

    Through HE's DEFI pledge mining model, users can generate pledge mining income. In addition, currency holding income, promotion income, HE token appreciation, future stable currency issuance and other incentive mechanisms can all benefit.

    Haino's future outlook?

    Haino will use DeFi, NFT and meta-universe games as breakthrough points to continuously expand the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology, so that ordinary Internet users can feel the value of blockchain technology. In the system, point-to-point value transfer can be realized through the value transfer protocol, and based on this protocol, a decentralized industrial circulation platform that supports multiple industries can be constructed.

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